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2014 Formula 1 Hungaroring tickets

Formula 1 tickets for the Hungarian Grand Prix are now available! Order your official F1 tickets and join thousands of fans at the Hungaroring for the Grand Prix!
  • 2014 Formula 1 Hungaroring tickets
  • 2014 Formula 1 Hungaroring tickets
F1 Tickets for the 2014 Hungarian Grand Prix are now available to book online. As an official salespoint for the Formula 1 race in Hungary the Formula 1 tickets below show you realtime availability. We hope you will join thousands of other fans at this year's Hungarian Grand Prix!

General tickets

General admission

  General admission Sunday
€85.00 p.p.
  General admission Weekend
€95.00 p.p.


  Bronze 1 Weekend
€105.00 p.p.
  Bronze 2 Weekend
€125.00 p.p.


  Silver 1 Sunday
€238.00 p.p.
  Silver 1 Weekend
€264.00 p.p.
  Silver 2 Sunday
€238.00 p.p.
  Silver 2 Weekend
€264.00 p.p.
  Silver 3 Sunday
€238.00 p.p.
  Silver 3 Weekend
€264.00 p.p.
  Silver 4 Sunday
€238.00 p.p.
  Silver 4 Weekend
€264.00 p.p.
  Silver 5 Weekend
€210.00 p.p.
  Red Bull Weekend
€250.00 p.p.


  Super Gold (row 1-10) Sunday
€377.00 p.p.
  Super Gold (row 1-10) Weekend
€420.00 p.p.
  Super Gold Sunday
€472.00 p.p.
  Super Gold Weekend
€499.00 p.p.
  Gold 1 row 1-10 Sunday
€238.00 p.p.
  Gold 1 row 1-10 Weekend
€264.00 p.p.
  Gold 1 Sunday
€314.00 p.p.
  Gold 1 Weekend
€348.00 p.p.
  Gold 2 Sunday
€283.00 p.p.
  Gold 2 Weekend
€315.00 p.p.
  Gold 3 Sunday
€313.00 p.p.
  Gold 3 Weekend
€348.00 p.p.
  Gold 4 Sunday
€313.00 p.p.
  Gold 4 Weekend
€356.00 p.p.



  Red Bull Weekend
€135.00 p.p.

Formula 1 at the Hungaroring

The Hungaroring has been a permanent fixture on the Formula 1 calendar since 1986, when Nelson Piquet overcame fellow Brazilian Ayrton Senna in a thrilling battle. Perhaps a good omen, the event has gone from strength to strength and has played witness to many a classic race. The unique nature of the Budapest circuit is also a favourite amongst the drivers, with its twisty, technical layout often linked to the challenges of the Monaco Grand Prix.

Popular grandstands

There are plenty of permanent grandstands to choose from when visiting the Hungaroring. Divided into Super Gold, Gold, Silver and Bronze, it is a pain free process to follow. If you want to be in the thick of the action, Super Gold is situated at the front of the grid, with pit lane views an added bonus. For more cornering action, Red Bull showcases the cars attacking the final turn, before powering down the main straight. As always, General Admission is a cost-effective and popular option for fans, with a number of designated grass banks.

The city of Budapest

Budapest is a hugely popular stop on the Formula 1 world tour. Commonly accepted as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, it boasts great heritage, sights, hotels and public transport. Whether it is a cruise along the Danube River or a visit to the central market for traditional Hungarian food, you will not be short of things to do away from the race circuit.

Parking at the Hungaroring

The Hungaroring offers Formula 1 fans free parking at the circuit. When exciting the highway M3 you will be guided to the parking spaces up the hill which is near the main grandstands at the start-finish line. We advise you not to park in the fields which are offered directly after exciting the M3 by local persons at low costs since the official parking is completely for free.
Venue Hungaroring
Sold out No
From Jul 25, 2014
Until Jul 27, 2014